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Waste Management Oxford are specialists in the collection and safe disposal of WEEE. Call us today for a free quote.

Waste Management Oxford provides a whole WEEE ( local waste management Electric and Electronic Equipment) collection and disposal service throughout Oxford.

The Waste Directive
The purpose of the directive is to both reduce the quantity of electric and electronic equipment being produced by families and companies alike and to support everyone to take responsibility for the safe disposal and recycling of their redundant electric equipment. This consequently reduces landfill usage and significantly helps the environment.

Our Service To You
We work with our associates to accomplish economical solutions for the safe disposal and where possible the recycling of small things to meet the requirements set out in the directive. We offer a complete, high quality, cost effective, begin to finish service, including, collection, transport, recycling and disposal of your small things. This then lets you peace of mind knowing that your redundant, broken or used small things are dealt with in accordance with the right legal procedures.

All Waste Management Oxford staff are security vetted on an on-going yearly basis, they are uniformed and have ID Cards. All our drivers have ADR Licenses for hazardous waste transport. On collection we supply a certificate of clearance/waste transfer consignment note with driver’s signature. These are kept on record for 6 years.

Your small doesn’t leave the automobile until it reaches the depot, where it’s unloaded for recycling or disposal, generally the same day. Nearly all equipment now accumulated is consigned for physical destruction with recovery of the many stuff parts. The equipment is stripped down and any information is ruined, any hazardous elements are removed, for example: gas discharge lamps and lithium cells on the motherboards. The remaining material is then divided, shredded and processed.

A certificate of destruction may be supplied, if requested, generally by e-mail attachment as confirmation that your WEEE has been recycled or destroyed. To compliment the above local waste management is filed on the Data Protection Register, we hold an authorized waste carriers license and have full liability insurance to insure the work.

Things For Disposal Under The Waste Directive
Waste Management Oxford can collect, recycle or dispose of the following Electric and Electronic Equipment:

  1. Big household appliances, fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers.
  2. Little household appliances, microwaves, pots, toasters.
  3. IT and telecommunications equipment, phones, cables, printers, fax machines, scanners,
    computer base units, laptops, photocopiers, keyboards, server units, monitors, crt monitors.
  4. Consumer equipment, televisions, audio equipment, satellite boxes.
  5. Lighting equipment.
  6. Electric and electronic tools (with the exception of large scale stationary industrial tools).
  7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment.
  8. Medical devices.
  9. Observation and control instruments.
  10. Automatic dispensers.

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