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Hazardous Waste Disposal Oxford

Our team of hazardous waste remediation pros has more than 15 years of expertise delivering quality guidance and legislative compliant, environmentally safe and economical waste removal alternatives. We cover the whole UK including Oxford, and manage from a number of different locations around the country.

Our team of skilled and expertise hazardous waste remediation experts make use of the most environmentally friendly and economical alternatives in full compliance with existing government regulations. Regardless of how much waste you create on a regular basis, we can lead you through the current volume of existing regulations. We provide overall compliance alternatives for Waste Acceptance Criteria, waste management Regulations 2005, CDG/CPL, ADR, WEEE Regulations and others.

We provide decontamination services which are both economical and environmentally friendly, including toxic waste disposal of liquids and chemicals associated with industrial facilities. These include lab chemicals, pesticides, industrial compounds, fluorescent tubes, spillage, tank cleaning, waste oil, batteries and other associated contaminated materials. Our noxious waste disposal specialists also provide remediation and elimination for more challenging wastes such as IT and electrical equipment, out of date / specification food waste, nonhazardous liquids and clinical wastes. We can carry out the accredited destruction of a wide selection of potentially dangerous materials.

We may also ensure that domestic/industrial refrigerators are disposed of in accordance with current government regulations.

For added information, guidance or enquiries about our dangerous waste disposal, liquid waste disposal and toxic waste disposal services, call us now. Our services include Site Decontamination, Waste Management, Chemical Waste Industrial Waste, Refrigerator Disposal, Waste Oil, Refrigerator Disposal and Tank Cleaning

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