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Our team of waste management specialists in Oxford can help your business deal with all aspects of its waste disposal process. From the safe storage of waste onsite to its collection and disposal, we offer comprehensive solutions at cost-effective rates.


There’s a demand for retailers in order to measure their environmental performance through transparent data reporting to improve trust among consumers.

‘Green washing’ has made the people sceptical in regards to sustainability initiatives across all market sectors. It’s no longer good enough to lay vague claims; firms have got to be ready to substantiate their eco credentials. But demonstrating a socially responsible stance is merely one of several issues impacting the UK retail industry.

Consumers shopping habits are changing; they are becoming more informed, more demanding and putting a greater emphasis on value. Together with demanding trading conditions, there is a great deal of doubt in the sector, intelligibly taking some of the focus off environmental concerns. But with an enduring emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), retailers can not manage to lose focus for long.

The CSR and Sustainability Challenge
How companies manage social, ethical and environmental dangers throughout their supply chains counts.
Stakeholders are looking ever closer at CSR practices. Pressure on commodity and energy costs, along with the lack of raw materials, are additional challenges for retail and consumer goods firms.
While there is public demand for sustainable alternatives, price and availability are large hurdles to such products becoming mainstream. The rivalry to be ‘green’ has brought increasing inspection and buyers are confounded, lacking trust and wanting more advice.

Retailers need an approach that clearly demonstrates environmental commitment in a commercially viable way.

Require the Supply Cycle challenge
Powerful recycling and waste management should be a given for the modern day retailer. But can you confidently commit to zero waste? Reconsidering your Supply Cycle could improve your environmental standing in exactly the same time as bringing major cost advantages.

At Waste Management Oxford we believe in the ability of less. That means helping you to reach more by using less. We’re perpetually devoted to closing the recycling loop by turning 100% of resources into something useful once more, that’s why many high profile retail brands chose to work with us.
That’s because we’re constantly looking for ways to lower your prices increase revenue streams through waste which gets turned into helpful resources. Through recycling, landfill diversion technologies and improved procedures for the collection of remaining residuals, we help you use the power of less: reaching more, using less. And we do this in four simple steps.

Waste Management Oxford’s integrated waste management service in four simple steps:

1. Benchmark
Local Waste Management starts by evaluating your waste management tasks through a materials recycling audit. This benchmarks your organisation’s performance against best practice in landfill diversion and environmental compliance.

2. Execute
The audit forms part of our contracted execution plan. This really is used to summarize the solution to all your recycling and waste management needs and how your aims could be gained. Supporting tasks such as equipment sourcing, health and security training, and staff procedure induction are all part of the service.

3. Service
Waste Management Oxford will subsequently efficiently organize all your recycling and waste management tasks, including handling the changeover of contractors and any help desk support.

4. Performance
Key Performance Indicators are crucial for quantifying cost savings and environmental performance. What’s more, it makes it less difficult to realise value-added opportunities. With systems designed to allow intuitive access to management information, you can depend on an insight-driven quality service.

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